It is time. Time to transition into the next phase of my working life. I need a new challenge and, since I'm not interested in full retirement, I've decided to do what elders do - dispense wisdom, advice and stories. And after more than 40 years in the North American trucking/transportation/logistics business, I have something yet to offer. Malcolm Gladwell claims that it requires 10,000 hours to become successful at something. Using this yardstick, I passed "successful" more than 50,000 hours ago. it's time, I think, to declare that I have achieved the "Expert" level of this game. I still have a small business to run but I also plan to mentor, to coach, to be your grandpa sitting in my rocking chair telling you about the "good old days" of trucking before cell phones, GPS, and computers. Well maybe not too much of that. I promise.

So, why keep reading? Why listen to anything I have to say? Good questions and I know that no one will keep reading unless they are entertained and informed.

One of my passions is customer service and, to be completely frank, it is the area that too many trucking companies need to improve. My next post will be a list of my pet peeves and a critique of some of the things I observe far too often from the carriers.