I know that things go wrong in the trucking business but how you handle the problems defines your service IQ. This week I encountered a carrier who has failed in nearly every way.

The original plan was to load two flatdecks in Delta BC on Monday and deliver them in Saskatoon on Wednesday. A crane would be waiting for the fiberglas tank cover sections. On Monday morning the carrier (we'll call him Kelly) said that one of the drivers needed an extra day off so they asked if his load could deliver on Thursday but he would load both trailers on Monday. The customer agreed.
He didn't show up until noon to load the first trailer and asked to load the other trailer on Tuesday morning instead. The customer agreed.
After the second trailer was loaded I called Kelly to confirm that the first truck was still going to arrive in Saskatoon on Wednesday morning. He snorted and said no way. I asked him why not and when he planned to tell me so that the customer wasn't waiting the following morning. I contacted the receiver and told him that both loads would arrive on Thursday,with apologies for the short notice.
On Wednesday I checked with Kelly to confirm that both trucks would arrive on Thursday morning. He started stammering and talking about snow and bad road conditions. One truck was only in Kamloops and the other in Valemount. This turned out to be B.S.
One truck made it to Saskatoon on Thursday morning but now the story changed on the second truck. He had decided to go Hwy 1 and was stuck in Revelstoke because the road was closed. He said that he was ordering the truck to turn around, go back to Kamloops and up the Yellowhead and through Edmonton. By Thursday afternoon I have been advised that he only made it to Valemount and the highway there is closed. He is stuck there until Friday morning. 
As of Thursday evening I don't know when this load will reach it's destination and the bottom line is that if the carrier had kept his initial promise and sent these loads out on Monday or Tuesday morning, they would be in Saskatoon by now and I wouldn't have an angry customer.