December 4, 2014
The final load was delivered in Saskatoon on Monday morning, several days later than the original agreement.

The over-riding lesson that I would offer to carriers is this:

If you don't have have real answers it is OK to say, I don't know but I'll find out and get back you. Then follow up in a timely manner with the truth and facts, not speculation or B.S. If I had a dollar for every time a dispatcher has told me that a truck was one place and it turned out to be not even close, I would have a substantial retirement fund. With my Kelly example, I started to disbelieve everything he told me and by Friday afternoon I suspected that the load was still in Surrey rather than in Edmonton. I can't use him again. I don't trust him anymore.


A Lesson in Service Failure

November 28, 2014
I know that things go wrong in the trucking business but how you handle the problems defines your service IQ. This week I encountered a carrier who has failed in nearly every way.

The original plan was to load two flatdecks in Delta BC on Monday and deliver them in Saskatoon on Wednesday. A crane would be waiting for the fiberglas tank cover sections. On Monday morning the carrier (we'll call him Kelly) said that one of the drivers needed an extra day off so they asked if his load could delive...
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January 2012

December 30, 2011
Starting in January we will have several hundred flat deck loads moving from Edmonton to the Vancouver area. Please contact us for more information. 

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